Sunday, September 28, 2014

Is Chris Brown a tortured Genius??

I have this song on REPEAT.  I can't discount him.   AND the Kendrick Lamar verse?  Please.  I just think the life he's leading is the gift and the curse...  This song is the Sh---t.  LISTEN while I go back to itunes and buy the CD...

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Got Your Angry Black Woman Right Here @NYTimes!!

Let's call this How To Get Murdered Messing With A Black Woman. This Alessandra Stanley, writer @NYTimes, has written a very nice nasty piece about writer, show runner and creator Shonda Rhimes and her epic upcoming takeover of ABC network's #TGIT with Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and now the Viola Davis' led How to Get Away With Murder drama. The article ran last Friday and the FIRESTORM of assaults against this clearly bias and race obsessed woman began shortly after the ink dried. Clueless? Malicious? Foolish? All of the above. And of course I had to add my 50 cents to the conversation. (LISTEN)

Celebrities weigh in on @NYTimes piece On Shonda Rhimes

Black ish is on it! This is REAL Must See TV!!

Nothing like you're expecting but everything you are gonna love!!  So good I clapped at the end! and I was watching TV!. Anthony Anderson is the patriarch of a success and now wealthy family (Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne) who wonders in all this "moving on up" are they still "Black enough". Don't miss the premiere this Wednesday night on ABC.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sheryl Underwood - Hey Bitch I hear You!!! (WATCH)

This is exactly why Sheryl Underwood has me watching The Talk to this day. Authentic, Humble. Bruised #NotBroken. This is exactly what the saying "What man means for your harm, GOD means for your good" is all about. And only the humble could see the blessing in this. Like last year's season opening week, the ladies of the The Talk reveal some of their deepest dark secrets and Sheryl's is such an awesome testimony of what it means to be willing to see, let, HELP someone else succeed before you can. The willingness to hold fast and know the valley is shaping you for greatness, when others would rather see you fail than lend a hand. Would rather put you down than help to you step your game. The lesson is keep your own council and grace will step in and pull you through. Can you just say AMEN!! Sheryl Underwood you 'bout to make me get happy up in here!!! Hallelujah! So happy for her. So proud of her. Watch and you will be as well...

Join me for a night of SCANDAL!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In the MIXX.. VJMM#2014 is a wrap...AND a SUCCESS!!

Vanessa James at the #MantraWall created by vinyl artist Benari Stewart at this year's #VJMM14.
It is the rite of passage to say goodbye to summer with the annual VJMedia Mixology event, hosted by Vanessa James who proved that's the 3rd time is the charm with this year's successful event.  As a Media Partner with, I was thrilled to be a part of this year's celebration by hosting the photo booth with the Miami Hearld's Natalie Piner to soft launch our new platform #MiamiSoul at #VJMM14. We hosted a booth - Miami Soul inspired where patrons got a chance to get creative with their pics. After a couple of Barefoot Refresh Wines, this was much easier than expected.  As well, Remy Martin and Mount Gay Rum welcomed guests with signature cocktails and rum punch to start things off! All were a huge win-win. 
Overover 250 Influencers and patrons in Miami at the signature event for connection and engagement! Check out the highlights below and plan to engage in 2015... Cheers to 2015!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Beyonce - How to ruin a BILLION dollar career? "Hello Nicki?"

Oh Bey...What the hell?? Surely you were drankin' when you thought THIS was a good idea...Early Sunday morning Beyonce dropped her latest single a ruined remix of Flawless.  This time she traded in the female empowerment of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie"s "We Should All Be Feminists" speech at TedxEuston  with the oversexed profanity laden vulgar 16+ bars of Nicki Minaj, which aren't even good!!! I can't with you on this one Bey, I just can't. 

 Appearing on her web site after 1 a.m., the sneak-attack song features a line from Bey addressing the infamous Solange/Jay-Z dust-up in the elevator of the Standard Hotel from several months back. “We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators, of course sometimes s--t go down when there’s billion dollars on an elevator,” Bey sings slyly. “You can say what you want. I’m the s--t,” she continues.

The song does not directly address the continuing rumors of Bey and Jay heading for divorce. It’s timing, though, could be seen as a way to deflect attention.  On the other hand, the reference to the couple representing a “billion dollars on an elevator” plays right into stories last week which characterize the relationship between Bey and Jay as having far more to do with business than passion at this point.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are currently appearing together on the year's biggest tour, dubbed the "On The Run" tour. Minaj dominates the second half of the remix, with outrageous verse like “Like MJ’s doctor, they’re killing me: propofol. I know they hope I fall, but tell them winning is my motherf-----g protocol.” It's bad.  Here you take a listen...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This is the funniest of all the Kermit the Frog That's none of my business videos I had to watch it twice to hear everything but it is HE-LARIOUS!!!  This kid is so goos I reached out to him, I'll have an interview with him coming up this week.  Sooooo good. If you are at work, please put on some headphones!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

He Put a RING on it!!!!

This is the sweetest proposal! Shirley Strawberry, co-host on the Steve Harvey Show gets the best wedding proposal live on the air!! strawberry's finance Ernesto ask Steve Harvey oddly enough for Shirley's hand in marriage to which he help Ernesto set up the surprise. So wonderful! Check it out here...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Check out the HILARIOUS trailer for the new animated Mike Tyson

Ain't got no time for Bird Sex! OMG I watched this trailer four times laughing my but off!  It debuted last week at comic-Con and it's the first from Adult Swim  2014-2015 new shows.  The "Mike Tyson Mysteries,"  is a half-hour animated adult comedy series featuring a cartoon Mike Tyson who solves mysteries, with his  Mystery Team -  a ghost named the Marquess of Queensbury, Mike’s adopted Korean daughter Yee and a pigeon who used to be a man.  Mike Tyson actually voices his character I will watch this it's hystercial, but will you?  Check it out below...

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